Wireless Alarm Systems Ayrshire

At home and in the office, wireless communication is ever-present.

From mobile phones to internet-ready PDA's and wireless computer networks, wireless is the way of the world today. Now this convenient and reliable technology can be an integral part of your security system, thanks to the quality, dependability and ease of use of modern class 6 wire free security alarms.

Wireless Alarms, (alternatively known as wirefree or cordless alarms) are increasingly being chosen ahead of wired alarm systems. There has never been a more convenient way of protecting your property from intrusion and the subsequent distress caused by a burglary.

The advantages of Wireless Systems are that wires do not have to be run all through the building to link the sensors to the Control Panel, which avoids the need for drilling, lifting carpets, floorboards etc, and the disturbance to the structure of your home that could result from installation of such wiring.

With a wireless system from Fortress Security you can enjoy peace of mind thanks to a reliable and secure alarm system that will not only protect your premises, but can also be used a panic alarm or even a medical alarm. With regular service and maintenance your wireless alarm system will provide many valuable years of protection and comfort to your family.

On some wireless alarms the control devices e.g., Panel, keypads, and external sirens are still all hard wired.

We specialise in the Sale Installation and Maintenance of Wirefree Security Systems.

Wireless Alarm Systems Ayrshire | Fortress Security Ltd

Sale – We are able to supply a wirefree alarm system that will be installed in accordance with the current British Standards Institution guidelines. We can also supply spare parts or upgrade an existing system, whether installed by our network or by another company.

Maintenance – As with all equipment it is imperative that your wireless alarm system is maintained to ensure it operates at an optimum level and in the event that the system does have a fault that this can be rectified at the earliest opportunity. As wireless systems rely heavily on battery technology to keep them running it is important that all wirefree alarm systems are maintained regularly.

DIY (Do It Yourself) – We do not supply equipment for Do it Yourself Installation. Wireless Alarms require specialist installation and over the years we have replaced many DIY installations due to poor installation or equipment.

Remote Programming and Diagnostics – All of our systems have the facility to be accessed remotely for fault diagnosis or programming, which in most cases prevents the need for an engineer to attend the premises.

Alarm Receiving Centre Monitoring – We are able to provide several methods of remote signalling that will, upon activation, supplement the external siren to the premises and notify the Police or the appointed key holder for the property.
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