Speech Dialler Systems Ayrshire

You can be out, but still keep in touch with your property!

For those who are not at their property during the day, a speech dialler system offers peace of mind.

The speech dialler attatches to all of our receiver units and can be programmed call you whenever an intrusion is detected.


- Calls up to four different numbers. Upon activation the dialler will call up to four different telephone numbers including mobile phones and pagers, in accordance with your instructions.

- You choose the message! Similar to a telephone answering machine, you are able to pre-program your own message into the dialler.

- Easy to control remotely. The system will stop dialing (but rearm the system) if you press '8' when the dialler calls you. If you do not, the dialler will continue to call the other numbers until the alarm is acknowledged.

- The Speech Dialler is powered by the receiver's internal battery.

Speech Dialler Systems Ayrshire | Fortress Security Ltd

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