Keyfob Door Entry Ayrshire

The KeySOLVE Key Fobs and Reader are based on high security proximity recognition. Each key fob contains a unique digital identity which can be read only by a KeySOLVE access controller.

The key fob can only perform its function when programmed into a specific keySOLVE locking device. 

Authorised personnel can have a single key fob programmed into many keySOLVE units thereby allowing them unhindered access throughout a building.

The tear drop shape and eyelet allow the fob to be easilly attached to a key ring, while the simple numerical matrix makes it easy for administrators to provide local identification of key fobs and associated users.

Keyfob Door Entry Ayrshire | Fortress Security Ltd

Full release of the door occurs automatically when a valid key fob is held within 25mm of the face of the Reader, making access rapid and effortless. 

A flashing green light on the Reader indicates when access is authorised. When used with the RL Rim Lock the non-contact circular reader may be retrofitted in place of the traditional key cylinder.
Please contact us for details.