Fire Risk Assessment Ayrshire

Each year people die or are seriously injured as a result of fires at work. Besides loss of life, fire costs UK businesses millions of pounds, from damage to property, loss of business, fines, compensation claims and raised insurance premiums.

Many fires can be avoided simply by taking sensible fire precautions. If a fire does break out the effects can be minimised by having effective controls and procedures in place.

In England, Scotland and Wales legislation introduced in October 2006 have replaced most of the previously existing fire safety rules. Fire certificates are no longer required, and the emphasis is on preventing fires and reducing risk. These rules came into force in Northern Ireland in 2007.

Anyone who has some measure of control over premises must take reasonable steps to reduce the risk from fire and make sure people can safely escape if there is a fire. These regulations apply to all non-domestic premises.

Our experts can thoroughly assess your risks and your potential exposure to danger or liability.Please contact us for details.