Dual Communications Ayrshire

DualCom plus is a totally integrated dual-signalling device using both telephone and radio paths. This combination ensures an alarm signal can be transmitted despite deliberate or accidental failure of either path.


- Offers advanced protection for people and property.

- Costs less to install and run on an annual basis than any other dual-signalling device.

- Transmits alarm signals end-to-end thus eliminating the potential delays associated with text messaging (SMS) as used by other similar products.

- Uses the low-traffic, high speed and secure Vodafone Data Network (typically 3 seconds to ARC).

- Five-minute polling on telephone or radio path in the vent of signal-path failure.

- Conforms to ABI (Association of British Insurers) requirements by indicating signal-path failure locally.

- Conforms to Police standards (ACPO & DD243) and Inspectorate requirements.

- Complies to Grade 4 for maximum insurance approval.

- DualCom currently protects national supermarket chains, high street pharmacies, jewellery chains as well as other high risk independent stores, offices etc.

The only signalling device that doesn't require a special version to work over ADSL (Broadband) or ISDN.
*Connection to ADSL lines requires the Network Service Provider's ADSL

Since its introduction to the intruder alarm market in 1996, DualCom has been recognised as the original and most widely used dual-signalling device in the UK. Its reputation as an advanced, reliable and cost effective signalling device has led to nationwide installations in supermarket chains, high street stores, banks and other vulnerable premises.

DualCom plus is compatible with any telephone network, ADSL and ISDN and uses the Vodafone Packet Radio Service (VPRS) to transmit signals within seconds.
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