Domestic CCTV Ayrshire

- Helps combat burglaries and theft of motor vehicles from front driveways
- Records onto your domestic video recorder or our own digital video recorder
- Recording can be triggered by movement
- Pictures can be viewed on your home TV

CCTV systems have been a very useful tool in helping to combat burglaries and theft of motor vehicle from front driveways.

The most basic system is to have an external camera to view the front of the property which is cabled in to the domestic TV. The camera will be programmed in to a spare TV channel where the occupier will be able to view what is in range of the camera.

CCTV Digital Recording

The advances in digital recording have almost made tape recording systems redundant. Fortress are currently installing many domestic CCTV systems with up to four cameras around detached properties, linked back to a digital recorder. The hard drive on the recorder can store images up to one month, but a more realistic recording time would be about one week for a reasonable quality image and time lapse.

A small 10ins monitor is usually installed beside the recorder, which enables the user to play back and view. If a permanent record is required this is achieved by inserting a CD disk and recording the desired incident from whichever camera.

Infra Red night cameras

Most thefts of vehicles and neighbourly disputes resulting in criminal damage occur during the hours of darkness. There must be some light for the video to function.

Recent advances in infra red technology have allowed external unobtrusive cameras to be fitted with infra red LED's. This allows good quality monochrome cameras to see in the dark for a distance of up to 25 metres.

Ace Security and Electrical Ltd can also install day/night cameras. This type of camera can view and record in Colour during the daytime, but when the ambient light level drops, the camera automatically switches to monochrome (black/white) for sharper images.
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