Commercial CCTV Ayrshire

- Fully professional equipment at a reasonable price.
- Bespoke system designed to meet your particular needs.
- Site survey, risk assessment and design carried out by experts.
- Fortress Security CCTV systems can include features such as low light cameras,   producing high resolution colour images during the daytime, switching to   monochrome at night.

Cameras are connected to digital recording devices with any number of cameras downloading to a single high capacity hard drive. Selected sequences can be easily recorded onto CD ROM.

Live feeds can be transmitted to a Euro Standard Monitoring Centre for transmission to desired locations via Broadband or ISDN.

Commercial CCTV Systems Ayrshire | Fortress Security Ltd
Commercial CCTV System | Fortress Security Ltd

CCTV Systems require very specific expertise. Our engineers are fully trained in the specific design, installation and maintenance of CCTV systems. You can rest assured your system will be operating at full efficiency at the vital time.

In an innovative project with a Local Authority and the Police, Fortress are currently installing CCTV systems in a number of small shopping areas, containing an average of twelve shops, linked to the local Police Station.

There are a number of complex responsibilities and obligations which may arise for CCTV operators from the Data Protection Act. These relate to storage and management of data. Fortress Security can provide advice to clients on these issues.