Fire Extinguishers Ayrshire

Fortress Security offer the latest technology in the fight against unauthorised entry to secured premises or areas.

  • Face Recognition  - This is one of the most flexible biometric methods available on the market today and can be done without the person being aware of the scanned.  The procedure works by comparing the distance between the eyes, nose width, the cheekbones position, the slope of the jaw line and chin to name but a few.

  • Fingerprint Identification - Everyone’s fingerprints remain constant throughout their lives and are totally unique to them.  This system is not suitable for industrial premises as it requires clean injury free  palms.

  • Hand Geometry  - Work extremely well in unclean, harsh environments, and only uses a small dataset.  This system is not considered to be as intrusive and commonly used in industrial areas.

  • Retina Scan - Replicating a retina is considered impossible due to the pattern of blood vessels at the rear of the human eye. Unfortunately a successful retina scan takes approximately 15 seconds of careful concentration which has hindered the growth of this particular method of biometrics. However it still remains the preferred option for many government and military departments.

  • Iris Scan – As with Retina scanning, an Iris scan will prove difficult to perform for children or the infirm.

  • Signature – Easy to obtain and not physically intrusive.

  • Voice Analysis - Can be accomplished without the person’s knowledge and has proven to be foolproof against imitation of another human voice. Has been known to fail when introduced to a voice recording of the originator.

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